Tips to Manage the Problem of Erectile Dysfunction

Tips to Manage the Problem of Erectile Dysfunction

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Many men suffer from the issue of erectile dysfunction which affects their sexual life and their relationship with their partner. Well, there are some things that you can try on your own to manage the issue of ED. In this guide, we have mentioned some tips to deal with the problem.

If men are facing the issue of erectile dysfunction it does not mean their sex life is ended. It has been seen that if you change your lifestyle, medications, surgery, and treatment have helped to deal with the problem. Below are some tips which will help you manage the erectile dysfunction problem.

  • Start communicating

The best to have satisfying sex is to communicate with your partner when you are dealing with ED. Talk about your desires and fears. Your partner may fear that you do not find them attractive or are involved in something wrong. Supporting each other is very essential. You should take help from our sexologist as he will help you deal with the problem.

  • Relax yourself

Anxiety is the main reason behind ED and it can cause more than the psychological issue. When you think you are not able to enjoy your sex life this way you will not be able to enjoy yourself. When you are getting intimate with your partner do not focus on ED instead enjoy time with your partner. Deep breathing and massage can help a lot to relax.

  • Explore each other

Relieve the time when you first met your partner. Enjoy the time together and know more about your likes & dislikes. You may find that you love foreplay and you might get more attracted to your partner.

  • Change your habits

There are certain lifestyle habits which make the condition even worse. You need to quit smoking, avoid alcohol consumption, do not take drugs like marijuana, heroin, and cocaine.

  • Focus on your weight and start exercising

Another issue which can contribute to ED is weight. Your sex life will be improved by losing weight and doing regular exercise. Not only this but the muscular strength, cardiovascular health, and overall well-being are improved. This way the sex life will be supported.

According to the study, the ED issue can be solved by doing pelvic floor exercise.

  • Get playful with your partner

Even if you are not able to maintain an erection you can achieve an orgasm. You can have sexual pleasure even without intercourse, you just have to be creative. You can use sex toys to stimulate each other. Oral and manual stimulation can be satisfying.

If you are facing an issue then you should visit our sexologist in Ludhiana to get the best treatment plan for your problem.