Some Myths And facts about Sexual Health

Some Myths And facts about Sexual Health

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One of the problems which can create problem in sexual life when you start believing everything you hear. You might not know but there are many myths linked with this and they are made by people. To make people aware we have debunked some of the top myths in this topic.

Many people believe certain myths which revolve around sex. Keeping them in mind, it starts affecting their sexual life in a negative manner. Well, believing them without getting proper knowledge is not helpful and it should not be done. This is the reason, our sexologist has debunked some of the myths for you so that you are aware of the various aspects of sex and that to be in the correct manner.

Top Myths debunked

Myth: Having sex during periods cannot result in conception

Fact: While a woman is on her periods and you have unprotected sex the chances are there that you can get pregnant. It might be possible that sperm lives in the body for 6 days or more than that. Due to this, the egg can get fertilized in the next ovulation cycle.

Myth: After having intercourse the chances of pregnancy are reduced if you wash the vagina

Fact: If you have unprotected sex then still there are chances that women can conceive if you have even wash the vagina (douche). Chances of infection are increased if you wash the vagina with soda or vinegar.

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Myth: Allergic to latex condoms cannot use the condoms

Fact: There is a latex-free condom available in different shapes and sizes. If you struggle to use condoms then you need to practice first before you put them on.

Myth: Oral sex cannot result in STD

Fact: Oral sex can transmit sexual diseases like herpes, HPV, hepatitis, gonorrhea, and syphilis. However, the chances are very low that you can get HIV from oral sex. In that case, investing in male and female condoms can prevent STD.

Myth: You will get to know if you partner have STD

Fact: Most people know that they can get to know that they have STD by checking the symptoms. But, a certain type of STDs are very serious and they do not result in any symptoms which can turn out to be a great problem. But, when you get in oral sex or anal sex they can pass through very easily. If not treated at the right time, the problem can increase in the future.

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