Does Erectile Dysfunction Influence Psychologically?

Does Erectile Dysfunction Influence Psychologically?

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Many men all over the world are dealing with the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. This condition can affect sexual desire and sexual functioning. Moreover, this issue can influence the psychology of the person. Read the given topic thoroughly to understand its effect and how you can deal with the problem.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to keep an erection or get one for the sexual function. This is a sexual problem which affects 30 million men in the world. Most of the cases of ED are because of a physical cause like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Lifestyle choices can also create a problem like drinking and smoking. But, in some cases, the main reason is the psychological issue.

Psychological causes of ED

Psychological causes which trigger the problem of ED are difficult to detect, diagnose, and treat. The most common reasons are given below.

  • Stress

In this fast-moving world, stress is very common and this is also true people at some point people do face this problem. But, the stress for a long time can create a lot of problems as you face difficulty managing sexual performance. 

  • Anxiety

The psychological issue can create a feeling of anxiety. The feeling of anxiety can increase fatigue, blood pressure, and heart rate. Eventually, your sexual performance is going to get affected. If you are going through this phase in your life then do consult the sexologist as early as possible.

  • Depression

Depression is the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain which can affect sexual functioning and sexual desire. Knowing its symptoms is not easy and some avoid seeking help. By consulting our sexologist in Ludhiana the problem can be treated.

  • Relationship problem

You will be going to phase problem in your relationship because of the argument and frustration. In this situation, you should talk to your partner so that you can find the best solution. Still, there is an issue then seek the help of the doctor.

  • Fear of sexual dysfunction

The first time, the problem of ED was experienced you might be worried that sexual functioning will not become normal which can impact your self-esteem to a great extent. This feeling can make it difficult to maintain or achieve an erection while having sexual intercourse. This fear will continue till the time you do not get treatment from the doctor.

Treating the problem

Well, the option of medication is not going to solve the problem. If there is a feeling of depression then getting the treatment of antidepressant is the best choice. Consulting your doctor is the best choice to find a reliable treatment plan to bring your sexual health back on track.