Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Men With Diabetes

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Men With Diabetes

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The problem of diabetes is becoming very common. Well, it can affect health in different ways and also it creates a problem in men with their sexual performance. Studies have shown that men with diabetes suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction. In this guide, we will tell you the causes of ED.

Diabetes is a chronic disease which is becoming very common between different age groups. It is increasing in every part of the world. Diabetes increases the risk of sexual dysfunction in men which is three times more as compared to non-diabetic men. Diabetic people may suffer from conditions like hypertension, obesity, atherogenic dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome, and smoking and which are risk factors of sexual dysfunction. Adopting healthy lifestyles can reduce stress, insulin-resistance, and endothelial dysfunction. Improved well-being can contribute to reduce and prevent the issue of erectile dysfunction. You can visit our sexologist in Ludhiana to find the best treatment plan for your problem.

Causes of ED in men with Diabetes

The nerves and blood vessels that control erections are damaged by diabetes. Even if the hormonal level if perfect and you feel the desire to have sex firm erection can be maintained. Some of the causes we have mentioned below:

  • One of the issues is nerve disorder. When a man is sexually aroused a message travels to the nervous system which starts the erection. But the transmission gets disrupted when there is an issue of neuropathy and due to this, the penis does not respond properly. Experts are not sure why this problem occurs with diabetic patients but yes it contributes to the issue of ED. It might happen because of proteins formation getting abnormal which affect the nerves. This can even affect the message transmission. 
  • Another reason is atherosclerosis which is thickening or hardening of the arteries. When there is an erection, the penis gets filled with blood and arteries are an essential part of this because they respond to the sexual stimulation and makes the blood flow properly. Until the ejaculation, the blood is kept in the veins and after that blood starts flowing in the body. But with atherosclerosis, the blood flow does not enter the penis properly. According to the severity, the blood flow can be insufficient to keep the erection firm. 
  • Diabetic men also suffer from the issue of low testosterone level. This is a sex hormone which helps the men to have sex but if it is low then it can result in the problem of ED.
  • Acetylcholine-positive fibers and Norepinephrine in the corpus cavernosum also get reduced in people with diabetes. This affects the autonomic nerve-mediated muscle relaxation which is important for erections.

If you are facing any issue then you should seek the help of our sex doctor as they will give you the herbal medications which will not leave any side effect.