Causes, symptoms, and treatment of Premature Ejaculation

Causes, symptoms, and treatment of Premature Ejaculation

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Millions of people are suffering from sexual problems these days. If you are one of them, then you must visit our specialist, so that you can get the proper consultation and check-up. Or you must read this article at the end, because we are going to give you detailed information about premature ejaculation.

Well, millions of people are suffering from several health conditions in which premature ejaculation is on the peak. If you are suffering from this condition then you must talk to your sexologist in Ludhiana, because he is the only person who can treat you well according to your condition. Your sexologist may recommend you a certain type of test in order to know and understand the problem.

In order to go through the treatment option, you need to understand what is premature ejaculation and what are the reasons behind this condition.

What is premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is explained as uncontrolled and involuntary orgasms, before or after sexual intercourse. This is one of the most embarrassing and frustrating conditions for men because it affects their sex life. This condition also leads them to stress and depression, which further associated with several other health conditions as well. No doubt, this condition is not too harmful, but still, you feel low and embarrassed. This can only be cured after concerning specialists. Let’s understand the causes of premature ejaculation in men.

Causes of premature ejaculation

Well, the cause of premature ejaculation is not identified but there are some assumptions that lead you to this condition. These are-:

  • In several cases, the exact reason behind premature ejaculation cannot be easily found, however, a recent study shows that this sexual problem and premature ejaculation problem is caused due to excessive stress and depression.
  • You may not know that this premature ejaculation sometimes can happen because of mental and psychological factors include depression, guilt, and anxiety.
  • You may experience this condition due to nervousness and fear of losing someone.
  • Millions of people are suffering from this condition due to certain medical or health issues such as hormonal changes, trauma or injury, and side effects of certain medications.

Symptoms of Premature ejaculation.

The main sign of this condition is that you experience semen ejaculation immediately after penetration. This happens within a short span of time or sometimes before penetration during sex. In addition to this, due to this condition, you feel too low and embarrassed in front of your partner. You may not know that stress and depression also leads you to severe condition. Sometimes, you may start experiencing sexual dysfunction, which is associated with fertility issues in males.

Treatment of premature ejaculation

  • If you are a regular smoker, then you have to quit smoking and limit your consumption of other drugs. This will surely enhance control over premature ejaculation.
  • You must go through stress relief therapies because this condition usually occurs due to excessive stress and depression.
  • You can also try sprays, gels, and certain creams that will help you to get rid of premature ejaculation problem.
  • You can also go with antidepressant medications include clomipramine and dapoxetine. These are useful to get rid of premature ejaculation condition.
  • Moreover, you can also behavioral therapy, so that you can control your depression and stress.