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Welcome to Umang herbals

Umang herbals began its journey almost half a century back with sole proprietary in mind of providing wellness to people with Ayurveda. We are honored to introduce ourselves as representatives of Ayurveda in this modern era. Well, we are dedicated to offering you the quality and best Ayurvedic medicine for sexual health problems. Here, in Umang herbals, we are providing a solution to the sexual health queries in the most holistic way, which are free from any side effects.

Moreover, we have our own manufacturing plant because we believe in quality rather than quantity. Our doctors make medicines with complete careful consideration because we know the value of your health, time, and money.



Why choose us?

If you are struggling to visit the best Ayurvedic hospital in Ludhiana or you have been searching on the internet for a long time for an Ayurvedic centre, but you are unable to find the best one. Then, you should visit our website and centre for Ayurvedic medicine once in order to clear your doubts about medicines.
Here, below mentioned points clarify you what are the things which make us stand out in the crowd.

  • Our doctors give you proper care so that you can feel comfortable here.
  • Umang herbals offer you a unique and special consultation process, in which everyone gets the proper attention.
  • Proper attention means you will get the best and appropriate treatment according to your health condition.
  • As we mentioned above, we have our own medicine manufacturing plant, which ensures greater control over efficacy and quality.

Last but not least Umang herbals usually value customer satisfaction.


As sexual problems are common nowadays, so you should not feel embarrassment in discussing it with your partner as well as your physician. As soon as you knock our door, we immediately fix an appointment with you and start working in a direction to fix your sexual problems. We aim to offer you an enhanced sex life.