Causes And Treatments of Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Causes And Treatments of Erectile Dysfunction in Men

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Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem which men face in which they cannot keep an erection or maintain it for the proper time. this problem can make it difficult for you to have sexual intercourse. in this guide, we have mentioned the causes and treatment options to solve the problem.

Knowing about Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

The erection involves the muscles, circulatory system, brain, nerves, and hormones. All of these things work together so that erectile tissue in the penis is filled with blood. Men with ED can face problem to maintain or get an erection for sexual intercourse. There are some cases in which erection is not present or some cannot keep an erection for a short time. This condition is more common in older men but younger men also get affected by this.

What are the causes of ED?

You should consult the sexologist regarding your problem as they will diagnose your condition and give you treatment. ED has psychological and physical causes.


ED can be a sign that you are facing the problem of diabetes. The blood vessels can be damaged which can make it difficult to supply blood to the penis.

Heart problems

Blood circulation should be proper to keep the erection and getting one. The ED can be caused by clogged arteries which is also called atherosclerosis. Along with that high blood pressure can also create a problem.


The overweight problem also increases the problem of ED. You need to keep the weight normal otherwise the problem of hypertension and diabetes can get triggered. If the problem is not solved then you should seek the help of our sexologist in Ludhiana to get the best treatment plan. The best part is that the medicines are herbal and they will not lead to any type of side effect.

Apart from these hormonal changes, taking stress for a long time, relationship problems, drug addiction, and alcohol addiction can also create a problem.

Treatment of ED

The problem will be resolved by treating the cause of ED. Some of the things which can solve the problem are:

  • Changing the lifestyle

You should make your eating habits proper as it will help you reduce the weight. Also, you should reduce the intake of alcohol and quitting smoking. The doctor will give you natural herbs which will solve your problem.

  • Yoga

Another way to solve the problem is by adding yoga to your routine. This will help your body to become more active. This will also help to improve the blood circulation, the stress level will be reduced, and you will be able to concentrate in a better way.

For further information, you should seek the help of our doctor. Make sure you do not wait for a long time and book your appointment today only!