10 Facts about Period Sex you Should be Aware of

10 Facts about Period Sex you Should be Aware of

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Many couples feel anxious and nervous to make love during periods. In India, some people have a mindset that menstruation is dirty. If we see from a medical point of view, having intercourse while periods are very normal and safe. In this guide, we have mentioned the facts about period sex.

Here are the top facts related to period sex which people need to be aware of:

  • Unprotected sex during periods can result in pregnancy

Well, the chances are low but during the menstrual cycle, if you engage in intercourse it might result in pregnancy. It might be possible that sperm stays in the body until the next ovulation period.

  • Period sex can help relieve cramps

When you are into sexual intercourse your body releases endorphins which have the power to reduce the cramps. Not only this, it can even help in reducing the pain which most women experience during periods. 

  • Any harm will not be caused to the penis by the blood contact

This myth is very common that the penis might get affected by the menstruation blood. The truth is that the blood which comes out from the uterus is not at all harmful.

  • Oral sex during menstruation is considered to be normal

Mostly during periods people avoid sex because they think blood has impurities in it but this is not true. So, it is safe to say that oral sex while menstruation is very normal. 

  • Period blood can work as a lubricant 

While periods if you have sexual intercourse then it can turn out to be less painful. This is because the blood acts as a lubricant naturally and helps in making the entire process smooth. 

  • Not using protection can make you get STD

Make sure while having period sex you use the protection. Many studies have shown that if protection is not used then chances of getting STD are high. In case, there is any problem then make sure you seek the help of the sex doctor. In case, you are not able to find one then visit our sexologist.

  • Your periods can get short by having sex

Sex while having periods can reduce the endometrial release from the uterus as compared to normal. On that day the flow is heavier but it starts to drop subsequently. 

  • Mess can be Minimized

While having sexual intercourse the blood flow can be controlled with the use of a female condom or menstrual cup. 

  • HIV is not caused by sex period

Having sex during periods does not cause HIV if both the partners are not affected by the virus.

  • Period sex is normal

Many couples do it and it is very normal as well as safe to do. 

If there is any problem you are facing then visit our sexologist in Ludhiana for the best treatment plan.