Treatments of Orgasmic Dysfunction Problem?

Treatments of Orgasmic Dysfunction Problem?

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Sexual problems are not experienced by males but also experience by a female. In this situation, consultation is necessary so that you can get rid of these conditions. Here in this article, we are going to teach you about orgasmic dysfunction in ladies. And how can cure it with natural ways.

Many ladies are suffering from many sexual problems, which can lead them to some other health conditions. Orgasmic dysfunction is explained as a condition where ladies fail to attain orgasms during sexual intercourse. This condition is additionally known as inhibited sexual excitement or simply anorgasmia. In addition to this, you are suffering from a serious condition, so you need to meet to sexologist or sex problem specialist in order to get a check-up.

Well, this condition, also make relationship differences and due to lack of sexual intimacy. So, you need to find the reason behind this condition, why this happens during the intercourse.

Causes of orgasmic dysfunction

Here are various causes of orgasmic dysfunction. These include-:

  • It happens due to lack of interest in sexual intercourse
  • Hormonal disorders are also the main culprit behind orgasmic dysfunction.
  • This is also caused in the menopause period.
  • If you are suffering from a chronic health condition, that affects sexual interest.
  • This also happens due to rape or sexual abusement.
  • If you are suffering from stress or depression.
  • Certain medical conditions which lead to pelvic pain.
  • You may experience this condition due to prescribed drugs like anti-depressants.

Symptoms of orgasmic dysfunction

There are various symptoms of this condition include-:

  • Not having satisfying orgasms
  • ladies are unable to attain orgasms.
  • Taking longer as compared to normal to reach an orgasm


Well, there is no need to take tension, if you are suffering from orgasmic dysfunction, you must contact the doctor. He will surely give you an idea of how to get rid of this problem. He may suggest some type of exercises to practice at home so that you can cure your condition. However, a check-up is must and you must maintain a healthy attitude towards sex.

Here are some other ways to improve your sex life and cure your orgasmic dysfunction condition.

  • Make sure you will consume a healthy diet and get enough rest or sleep.
  • You must reduce your consumption of alcohol and other drugs.
  • In addition, it is necessary to quit smoking because it leads to sexual health problems.
  • You can also go with birth control pills, only if your partner is agreed.
  • You have to engage in sexual activities but except sexual intercourse.
  • Get help from the doctor and educate yourself about sexual intercourse and about reaching orgasms.