Myths Related to Masturbation

Myths Related to Masturbation

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These days people suffering from many sexual problems, which can lead to infertility. Well, masturbation does not lead to infertility in both sexes, this is only a myth. People create so many myths related to masturbation similarly infertility. In order to know the truth behind these misconceptions you need to read this article carefully.

Masturbation is not a serious condition, but yes excessive masturbation leads to addiction. Well, this is usually done by young people during their teenage years, when they start feeling sexual activities. It means they start touching their genitals with their hands and this is not a wrong thing. But the majority of people consider it wrong and they create so many myths about masturbation. If you are in doubt, then must visit our sexologist, who will guide you about everything related to masturbation.

First of all, let’s have a look at myths about masturbation.

Masturbation leads to damage of genitals

Well, this is totally a misconception that masturbation can damage the genitals. Touching the genitals cannot harm them at any cost, masturbation is not a harmful thing. Well, if you are still in doubt about the damage of genitals then must talk to the sex problem specialist.

It causes health problems

A recent study shows that this is a totally safe form of sex. So, there is no chance of sexually transmitted diseases or other health conditions. Yes, you can experience some problems if your partner does it with you and if he is already suffering from health conditions. Otherwise, this is completely safe, and in order to reduce the risk of infection, you must avoid using allergic toys and other things which you used for masturbation.

It lowers the chances of having an orgasm during sex and leads to low sex drive

No, this is a myth that Masturbation reduces your sex drive or lower your chances of having orgasms during sexual intercourse. Well, many people claim that it will also lead to no sexual desire because many women like to do it with vibrant and they avoid to get intimate with their partner. This is also a myth, do not focus on this misconception.

It causes infertility in both genders

Infertility is an inability to enjoy parenthood which can cause due to many other factors such as hormonal problems or poor lifestyle habits. Some people connected these both the terms such as masturbation and infertility, which are completely different or unrelated to each other. In addition, this only happens when your partner uses unclean or infected toys, but this is not so common.

Moreover, you can simply enjoy this because this is completely safe and secure, additionally, do not lead to any type of sexual problem in both men and women.