Not Enjoying Sex? – Its time to visit A Sexologist

Not Enjoying Sex? – Its time to visit A Sexologist

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It might be possible that the couple is not able to enjoy the sex life and they might start losing interest. Getting help of the doctor at the right time is very important. This is because, the reason of low sex drive can be something so knowing what is the reason is very essential.

Many couples face the problem that they start losing interest in having sex which is linked with low libido. However, it is natural that from time to time the level of libido can change. In case, your interest is not matching then it is very normal. But, it is also essential that the reason behind the low libido is found because it might indicate some health condition.

  • Taking certain medication

It might be possible that some medicines can leave an adverse effect on the sex drive. Like taking blood pressure medicines like ACE inhibitors and beta-blockers can stop the erection and ejaculation.

  • Testosterone level is low

Well, with aging the testosterone level gets low but if there is a drastic drop then it can decrease the libido significantly. With testosterone the muscles are built and it helps in stimulating the sperm production. In case, there is a sudden drop then it might be something serious. In that case, it would be better if you seek the help of the sexologist.

  • Chronic illness

If you get affected by a chronic health condition like there is any part of the body there is chronic pain then your sex life will have to suffer. Patients who are facing the problem of cancer will have the problem of low sex drive and decrease in sperm production.

  • Restless leg syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is the condition when a person moves the leg uncontrollably. Studies have shown that men who face this syndrome face the erectile dysfunction more as compared to those who have not RLS. If you are having trouble in your sex life then you should visit our sexologist in Ludhiana.

  • Stress

Taking immense pressure on the mind can also lead to stress which can even bound the sex drive. Stress can affect the level of hormones in the body which can affect the blood flow and even lead to erectile dysfunction.

  • Depression

Depression can affect a person’s life in a very negative manner. People who deal with depression start losing interest in sexual activity or might get diminish. Additionally, taking medication to deal with depression can also make the person feel disinterested in sex.

  • Lack of quality of sleep

Men who do not get proper sleep deal with low testosterone level. Around 50% of men deal with sleep apnea and thy experience testosterone level getting reduced at night.

If there is any such problem then make sure you visit our doctor without making any delay!