Lack of sleep and its relation with Sex Life

Lack of sleep and its relation with Sex Life

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Sleep is not only valuable for your health, but it also leads to a happy married life. Since, if you get enough sleep then, it will keep you healthy and increase your sex life, that is most important to keep your romance alive. Here, in this guide you will learn, how getting enough sleep is beneficial for sex life.

Sex is an important part of married life, this is not only a medium of conception or giving birth to a child. However, also useful to relax your mind and it also keeps you connected as well as make your bond stronger. There are some reasons why sex is important in married life such as-:

  • It keeps you connected
  • It is useful to reduce unnecessary stress.
  • It is valuable to keep the romance alive
  • This is also useful to keep the hormones balanced
  • It also keeps you healthy

Well, there are millions of people who are suffering from sexual problems. In these conditions, you need to visit the sexologist in Ludhiana, so that you can get the proper check-up of your sexual health. A sexologist is the only person who will treat you well and also guide you what is right and wrong for you during and after sexual intercourse.

A good or enough sleep and rest is necessary for overall health or also good for the sexual health of both partners you must need to take at least 8 hours of sleep during the night. A recent study reveals that people who get 5 hours or less sleep are at greater risk of problems.

Well, here are several ways that sleep affect your sex life and relationship as well.

  • You may experience sexual dysfunction due to high levels of stress and anxiety, which is caused due to lack of sleep and rest as well.
  • If you are not getting enough sleep, then it makes you restless also increases your fatigue level. This high fatigue level leads you to lower libido and you may start making excuses in order to avoid sexual intercourse.
  • You may not know that lack of sleep also cause breathing problems such as sudden pauses in breathing. This condition further associated with lower testosterone levels that disturb your sexual life and relationship as well.
  • You will surely experience mood changes due to lack of sleep because it causes stress and depression as well.
  • Improper Sleep also makes you angry and you want to spend time alone, additionally, you avoid participating in social events as well.

So, you need to get enough sleep and rest that is necessary to make your bond stronger with your partner as well as keep your romance alive.