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Male impotence or Erectile Dysfunction – A medical concern

Who knew some minor health issues can act as a basis to serious other  health problems in our body . the common neglected issues with the body such as obesity,thyroid or routine mental stress or feelings are directly associated with the problem of not having erections or impotency .

Their treatments include from simple lifestyle modifications like meditation practices to the intake of certain medicines and visits to specialists which are likely to be available in all the parts of India.  Mumbai the city of dreams for example has its list of population sufferring from various sex problems like male impotency .You can find easy solutions or treatments from any credible Sexologist  in Mumbai city .

Male impotency basically means no erection of the penis and failure of ejaculation during the intercourse . This can harm your personal relationships with the spouse and you can end up frustrated and stressful.

It has certain causes and symptoms like –

  1.  Some psychological factors like performance anxiety  , depression , anxiety issues etc
  2. Drugs or sedatives prescribed by the doctor or their intake otherwise
  3. Some physical issues like obesity , kidney failures , and aging.
  4.  Lifestyle habits like drinking and smoking.

Statistical reports suggest that there are many males who often try to hide their problem to save themselves from embarassment but If you happen to observe this continuous non erection of penis for atleast 3 months , then take it as a symptom not to be ignored and go seek some sex problem specialist in Mumbai .

There are many treatments like Vaajikaran rasayan  recommended by Ayurveda clinics to enhance the sexual function . Vajikaran claims to relieve sexual performance stress thereby making your Erectile Dysfunction go away .

For instance , you can refer Umang Herbals who are dedicated to offer quality Ayurvedic Medicines for sexual health problems and handle all types of sexual health related doubts and queries holistically which are free from side effects .

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