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Male infertility– A Sexual problem with numerous consequences

Male infertility is a medical condition that basically leads the couples to develop personal stress in their relationships for the reason of poor sexual performance and incapability to have a baby. The matter is common in the whole world and across various parts of India. It is important to seek professional help to resolve the problem. The sex problems in India are evident in its many multiple developed states like Karnatka. Problems related to infertility are treated by approaching any sex problem specialist in Karnataka holding the required experience and high qualification.

Male infertility is basically due to

  1.  Swelling of the veins which drain the testicle
  2. Cancers or tumors. Sometimes chemotherapies treating the tumors affect male fertility.
  3.  Low testosterone levels
  4.  Psychological tensions in life
  5.  Drugs and alcoholic consumption etc
  6. some environmental causes like heavy metal exposure or overheating the testicles by wearing tight clothing and long hours of working on a laptop.
  7. Obesity also encourages infertility problems.

Here are some of the symptoms that urge you to seek a sexologist

  1.  Problems related to erection or ejaculation
  2. A lump or swelling in the testicle area
  3.  Any sort of groin or penis surgery

Seeking an Ayurvedic Sexologist in Karnataka will let  you help in treating it through Yoga, lifestyle improvement, medications and certain sperm generating therapies. Some of the hormonal therapies also work good to cure the problem .

It is important to understand these signs and symptoms and rush to a Sexologist and not to take your infertility problem as a stereotype and develop feelings of unworthiness.

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