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What is masturbation?

Masturbation is a totally normal and common condition in people of each age group. You may find it more complicated and embarrassing condition but this is totally normal. Let’s understand it together.

Masturbation is a type of sexual pleasure, which insist you touch your genitals, basically with your hands. This condition is common in both sexes when they start feeling sexual activity the first time. Well, the majority of people experience masturbation but with their partners, and there is no wrong thing. Many people usually ask us is there any side effect of masturbation or can it cause any health problem.

No, masturbation does not lead you to harmful health conditions. But sometimes, you and your partner may experience STI such as Sexually transmitted infection, but this is not so common because you don’t pass any type of fluid such as semen or sperm cells while masturbating.

There are some effects of masturbation such as-:

  • Urine infection
  • The problem in sex organs
  • Masturbation Addiction
  • Sperm discharge
  • Back pain and other health conditions

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Treatment of Masturbation

If you feel you have an addiction towards masturbation, then you need to visit our sexologist in order to get masturbation addiction treatment. No doubt, our doctors give you the best treatment of masturbation addiction, even then he examines you first.

In order to get rid of masturbation addiction, you need to go with the herbal medicine of masturbation addiction, because it does not have any type of side effect. We are well-known for the best Ayurvedic treatment, so don’t worry about your addiction to masturbation.

As you know, Ayurveda is the most conventional way to treat many health problems with the help of natural herbs, ingredients, and a certain type of lifestyle changes. After getting Ayurvedic treatment, you do not need to go with any other type of medicines specially allopathy.