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Impotence Ayurvedic treatment

Firstly impotence is defined as the condition in which the male is not able to properly erect during the intercourse. While this activity he is not able to satisfy fully his partner due to this inability. There is also another term which is called erectile dysfunction (ED). The Impotence treatment is must if you want to enjoy your life in bed. There are various other options such as Impotence Ayurvedic Medicine, Impotence Ayurvedic Treatment and with the help of Impotence herbal medicine usage.


In Ayurveda it can be resolved with some of the factors to be followed. And these factors can be drinking a lot of water, irregular meals, excess use of milk products and many more. In ayurveda especially the different types are being categorized. One is Vatajam; one is Pittajam, Kaphajam, Rakthajam and old age onset.

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Symptoms and Causes


The symptoms are Persistent trouble of weaker erection, unable to sustain erection, loss of physical desire, being stressed, reduced self confidence and many more troubles in relationships.


The main causes of the ED can be

  • ·         Hormonal imbalance, because achieving erection is a complex process that involves the functioning of the brain, muscles, emotions, blood vessels and mental health.
  • ·         The physical causes of ED can involve the various factors such as Atherosclerosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, low testosterone, spinal cord injuries and many more.
  • ·         Along with this the psychological causes of ED can be anxiety, depression, stress, poor communication and many more related to mental health.

Herbal Treatment

Herbal treatment for ED is to use aphrodisiac medicines and the usage of these can really improve the condition. The herbal products we can use are Ashwagandha is Withania somifera, Kaunch beej that is mucuna pruriens, Gokhshur that is Tribulus terrestris, Kokilaskha that is Hygrophila auriculata, Tulsi beej that is ocimum sanctum, jaifal that is nutmeg tree, jwatri that is Myristica Fragrans, Sudh kuchla that is Nux Vomica, Akarkara that is Analycus Pyrethrum and lastly Shilajit which is also known as mineral pitch. For many ED problems the Ayurvedic Naturals Therapies and Panchakarma Detox Shirodhara can be used. Also the massages sometimes help a lot to reduce stress and increase the overall body strength.