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Sexual Problems?

Yes, both the genders can suffer from the sexual problems. These problems are known as sexual dysfunction and get started even after puberty and detected from adulthood. These problems are generally associated with the age however other reasons can also be there.

Yes, most of the sexual problems are curable but the success of the treatment depends on the extent of problem and cause for the problem. Dysfunction due to the physical conditions like stress, depression, fear, anxiety can be successfully treated with the counseling of couples, awareness and even by improving the communication between partners.

If you are having the persistent sexual problems then you must consult the sexologist for curing the problems as these problems can lead to even worse condition and can affect the relations with the partner. Some patients even feel shy while discussing about the sexual problems but you are recommended to talk openly with your doctor to get rid from these problems.

Sexual problems can not be prevented but with the better dealing with the cause of problem can help you to cope up with the sexual dysfunction up to great extent. However for the proper functioning of the sexual function you can follow the instructions of the doctor and by following his treatment plan, by avoiding the alcohol and smoking intake, getting counseling for coping up with the emotional or psychological issues like stress, depression and anxiety and improving relations with partner.

It is also known as the inhibited sexual desire. It is the condition when you or your partner loss the interest and desire for sexual activity. This condition may happen due to both physical and psychological factors. Sexologists associate this condition with the low level of the testosterone which can be due to side effects of some medicines, diabetes, antidepressants, prolonged illness, depression, anxiety and problematic relationships.