We provide awareness on the current sexual affairs

We live in a world where we get separated from our families at one point, either for marriage or due to unfortunate circumstances. Sexual activities are on the rise today due to unawareness and sensitization of the public. Some areas are in crisis when it comes to sexual protection and knowledge about its effects and that’s why we are here.

The best sexologist in Jammu and Kashmir is here to educate you and provide any treatment that is best for you as an individual at any age or a couple. We provide treatment for the following

  • Sexual dysfunctions in females for example dryness, low sexual desires, infertility and Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Sexual dysfunctions in males like erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation, penile enlargement and low sperm count treatment and so much more
  • Sexual and drug addiction counseling and treatment

Our experienced and qualified doctors with the well trained staff will help you overcome all your sexual problems and lifestyle struggles like smoking and drug addictions. Our Ayurvedic treatments/medicines are improved for you to get the relief you need. Don’t sit on your problem especially infertility whether you are a man or a woman, those who need counseling on any lifestyle issue, meet the only sex specialist to give you the best way through.


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