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Low sex Drive or Lack of interest in sex among women across the world –

Causes and symptoms

Women across the world face challenges in terms of low sex drive which can lead to serious distress inside their minds and in their relationships with their partners.  It can be due to various simple reasons like pregnancy, common illnesses, lifestyle, etc. Other chronic diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes may be a reason for low sex drive and urge you to see a sex problem specialist in Haryana if you happen to stay there.

Its symptoms are

  1. Seldom or never sexual desires, thoughts or feelings, etc
  2. Lack of interest in masturbation

One must seek the help of a specialist if you find this issue not getting resolved. You can find any Sexologist in Haryana with adequate experience and knowledge to treat your problem with due care and attention. The matter involves a series of meetings with him or her to treat the problem.

Causes of low sex drive would be as follows

  1. Lack of orgasm – Certain kind of pain during the sex or lack of orgasm reduces the desire for sex
  2. Cancer or other medical diseases – Many types of diseases like high Blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, arthritis,etc.  act as a basis of your sexual problem of low sex drive
  3. Fatigue or tiredness – exhaustion from a long day can contribute to low sex drive
  4. Psychological issues – Feelings of low self-esteem and depression or negative sexual experiences cause this sexual problem
  5.  Relationship issues or conflicts with your spouse or other family members
  6. Pregnancy – you can see a damper on sex drive just after having a baby or during pregnancy. Your hormones tend to get imbalanced and you will experience low sex drive

The treatments in Ayurveda for improving your sex drive are all-natural considering your overall health and well being.

These are 

  1. Use of garlic – It enhances libido in both men and women and improves the functioning of sexual organs
  2. Shilajit – Considered as divine nectar, it enhances sexual functioning and regulates sexual hormones.

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