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premature ejaculation

While intercourse release of semen is called ejaculation. Release of semen before it is liked to be released then it is called premature ejaculation.
In simple words when ejaculation happens before the wish of male or his partner then it is premature ejaculation. It is also known as early or rapid ejaculation and even premature climax.
Premature ejaculation or PE is counted as the psychological problem most of the time however it can also be biological. It might not have any devastating effects but it make the sexual intercourse less enjoyable or can become problem for relationships.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Premature ejaculation is the male sexual disorder in which men have discharge before the specific time of satisfaction and leave the partner dissatisfied. This serious problem can occur due to psychological or physical factor and can become hindrance in the way of pleasurable sex. So this condition easily can affect the relationships adversely and even lead to disappointment. This problem can hit hard to the feeling of manhood.

But there is good news for the men that are suffering due to premature ejaculation as Umang Herbals has brought the effective solution for this problem.

How premature ejaculation treatment works?

This treatment is purely herbal and based on the philosophy of the Ayurveda. With the herbal medicines problem of early discharge can be healed easily so we developed the treatment that consists only the natural substances without any chemicals.

Our herbal medicines composed of the minerals, vitamins, metals and other natural ingredients that enhance the blood circulation that lead to cell growth and strengthens the nerves

These herbal products ensure the full strength of nerves with full control so lead to timely discharged and improved performance. So these work to improve quantity and quality of sperms. Patients can feel improved sexual desire with this effective treatment without side effects

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How ejaculation works?

During sexual stimulation signals are sent to spinal cord and then to brain and then these signals are sent back to reproductive organ after reaching to certain level of excitement. These signals lead to the release of semen through penis and called ejaculation. This entire process of release of semen is controlled by central nervous system.

Two phases’ emission and expulsion are included in the ejaculation process

Phase 1 Emission

In this first phase, sperm moves from egg shaped glands testicles to the prostrate. During the movement sperm get mix with seminal fluid and this mixture is called semen. The Vasa Deferentia tubes help the sperm to pass from testicles though the prostrate to the tip of penis

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Phase 2 Expulsion

Muscles of the base of the penis get contracted and force the semen to get out of the penis this phase completes the ejaculation process. Most of the time ejaculation and orgasm happens at same time but in few cases men climax happens without ejaculation

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Causes for premature ejaculation

There is not as such clear cause for this problem and release of semen before the particular point of excitement but there can be various reasons as follows

Erectile dysfunction

Men with the problem of erection also faces PE problem as the men with Erectile dysfunction are not able to get or keep an erection which is firm enough for intercourse.  Before tackling with PE Erectile Dysfunction must be treated.


Serotonin which is substance made by nerves can lead to PE problem. If this natural substance will remain in high amount in brain then it can add to the time for ejaculation. Hence the low serotonin can cut the time of ejaculation which will lead to early release of semen called premature ejaculation.

Psychological problems

PE is considered as psychological problem so some psychological issues can cause the premature ejaculation. Some mental health issues lead to PE such as depression may be temporary can also cause the problem.  Stress and guilt can lead to the same problem.

In few cases males have some unrealistic expectations about the intercourse then before the certain level of excitement ejaculation can happen. History of sexual repression and problems in the relationships can lead to the premature ejaculation problem.

Some males feel less confident while intercourse it can also lead to early release of semen.


However age cannot be declared as the actual culprit for the problem as PE can be problem at any stage of age.  However in old age erections some time does not remain so firm and large and even erection does not last long before the release of semen. These changes due to ages can lead to premature ejaculation problem.