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There are natural ways to increase the penis size such as by penile exercises to increase the volume of blood in the penis during an erection. Additionally, the herbal treatment also works successfully and is clinically proven to offer the increased penis size without the need of surgery. The herbs significantly boost the blood supply towards penile organ to strengthen it for penetration.

Minimum 3.5 inch penis size is common in a normal man however the average length of a penile organ is 5 – 6 inch. To enjoy your sexual life without any problem and satisfy your partner in bed you need to have minimum 3.5 inch size penis.  But, in case of small penis, you should consult with sexologist to get necessary diagnosis and treatment.

Suitable penis size is essential for desired sexual activities. Small penis size spoils your sexual pleasure. With effective herbal treatment and penile exercises, the penis size can be significantly increased. Your sexologist will suggest necessary exercises using which you can boost your sexual drive and get increased penis size for erection.

Several factors contribute to strong and healthy penis such as good sleep after sexual activity, quit smoking and alcohol use because they damage the blood vessels and penile tissue, work out such as walking, running and other exercises and control your body weight. Additionally, Ayurvedic treatment has a special role in improving your penis health.

Fortunately, any size of penis can penetrate the virgin vagina. A woman’s vagina is large enough to carry a baby so she can deal with any size of penis. Still for comfortable penetration, minimum 4 to 5 inch penis can give better experience. Neither smaller nor bigger penis can be enjoyable for a female unless she has a special lubrication.