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Ayurvedic treatment for the nightfall

First of all, to know all about what a nightfall problem is? It is basically the condition in which the patients suffer from the problem of discharge at night. It sometimes refers to the nocturnal emission or wet dreams.


  • Avoiding the consumption of water or liquid before you go to sleep
  • To use washroom an hour before you go to bed.
  • It is important to have a cool mind while sleeping.
  • To take the help of some useful books to feel relaxed.

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Symptoms and Causes


There are many symptoms that can be seen very commonly amongst the teenagers now a day. It has been studied that this problem can be observed more in adolescents as compared to the adult men. Also sometimes it is possible that every man is not aware of the fact that what the main reason behind this is. Nightfall treatment is very important with time because to treat such a problem before hand is as good as possible. Nightfall ayurvedic treatment can provide a safe way to explore the healthy life. There has been introduced many ways to prevent the issue such as herbal treatment of night discharge and ayurvedic treatment


  • The common causes of this problem can be excessive stress and anxiety, frail nerves.
  • And the symptoms that are being observed are such as frequent joint pains, inability to concentrate on things, gastric issues and issues related to constipation and constant tiredness.
  • Sometimes the pain in pelvic region can be felt but it can be easily overcome by using herbal products

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Herbal Treatment

There are various things which we can use in our day to day life. For example Giloy, Coriander, Fenugreek, Amala that is Indian gooseberry, Ashwagandha is Withania somnifera, Kaunch Beej that is Macuna Pruiens, Bhringraj that is Eclipta prostate. Along with this there are many other herbal medicines such as triphala and shilajit which has been widely used among people since last many years. The most important benefit of them is that they also bring some of the additional advantages and helps to improve energy, endurance and strength within the body.