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Low Sexual Desire

Low Sexual desire is the condition in which a person desire to have sex is reduced with time. This can affect the relationship and stress will be increased. The various causes for this problem are given below:

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. High-Blood Pressure
  4. Diabetes
  5. Lifestyle Habits
  6. Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding
  7. Medication Side-effects

With time, the problem of sexual desire changes a lot. If you are suffering from lack of interest in sexual activities, then it might happen you will experience hypoactive sexual desire problem and known as arousal problem. The best way to treat the problem is by getting Ayurvedic medicine of low sex desire.

Treatment for low sexual desire

At Umang Herbals clinic, we treat the patients with herbal treatments. The problem of sexual desire will be improved in a natural manner. Low sexual desire ayurvedic treatment helps in curing the hormonal problem. The Ayurvedic medicines are made according to the Prakruthi of the patient and what type of therapeutic effect is needed. Medicines used in the treatment have natural herbs, stem, plant roots, and mineral oil.

Our sexologist also suggests changing the lifestyle and sexual techniques. Your problem will be taken care of by giving the best treatment.

How does herbal treatment work?

Ayurveda comes to the rescue in these problems. The herbal medicine of low sexual desire helps in improving the flow of blood to the reproductive organs which increase the growth of the cell. Once the treatment is complete the patient can lead a happy sexual life. Sexual performance is improved and your partner will be satisfied.

Moreover, It does not leave any wrong effect on other body parts as it works on improving your overall health. Our sexologist will prescribe you the medications and also tell the way to use them.

Have your sexual desire is lost?

Most of the time we hear women face this problem more as compared to men. In the case of men, the problem occurs when they face trouble maintaining the erection, ejaculate early, or not able to eject. Whatever the case is, with Ayurvedic medicine the problem will be solved.

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